Getting Around in Hampi

By Train

The closest railway station to Hampi is Hospet which is around half an hour drive away from hampi.

The below the following list of trains that passes through the Hospet Junction (HPT).

Train Name (Code) Arrives Departs
Ltt Ypr Special (01215) 19:20 19:25
Hampi Express (16591) 20:25 20:30
Hubli Passr (56909) 12:45 Ends
Kurla Express (01216) 21:45 21:50
Ypr Shiridi Exp (06539) 15:50 16:00
Solapur Express (06551) 15:50 16:00
Ypr Garibrath S (06540) 10:30 10:40
Sur Ypr Spl (06552) 10:30 10:40
Sur Sspn Spl (06554) 10:30 10:40
Solapur Exp (06553) 15:50 16:00
Hampi Exp (16592) 6:47 6:50
Amaravathi Exp (17225) 6:32 6:35
Amaravati Exp (17226) 14:48 14:48
Haripriya Exp (17416) 22:03 22:05

By Bus

While some buses from Goa and Bengaluru will drop you at the bus stand in Hampi Bazaar, you have to go to Hospet to catch most buses out. The first bus from Hospet is at 6.30am (its half an hour drive ) and the last one back leaves Hampi Bazaar at 8.30pm.
KSRTC has a daily Rajahamsa bus service between Hampi Bazaar and Bengaluru. The overnight sleeper bus to/from Goa which runs November to March, is a popular option.

By Plane

There are two airports near Hampi – Bellary and Hubli. But both are far from the Hampi site (needs at least 2-3 hours travel by road) . There are only very few connections since there are not major airports.