Local Guides in Hampi

You can also try P. Hussen (guidehussen@gmail.com). He took me and my parents around Hampi for 2 days this last December. He is a professional in all respects and a very knowledgeable person on all aspects of Indian culture. He was also very kind and attentive to the needs of my aged parents, trying to adjust his tour to their needs and pace. All in all, he made Hampi ruins alive for us with all sorts of informations. I do recommend him heartily. Have fun

- Alessandra Toniutti

Hampi and its guides

Hampi is a UNESCO world heritage site of ruins of the medieval Indian kingdom Vijayanagar. It is a very huge area along the banks of the beautiful Tungabhadra river. In fact, there are even much older archeological places of interest in the area. In this review we will not list the major attractions (which are indeed must-not-be-missed). Instead, we want to point out to the lesser known area along the river, both sides of which are full of small hidden beautiful temples, engravings and sculptures. Many of them date back long before the Vijayanagar period. We had only 1 day in Hampi, and after several hours of exploring the major attractions had only little time to explore the archeological treasures along the river. We were very lucky with our very knowledgeable guide P. Hussen who took us for a trip on a coracle, a traditional round boat. We wish we could spend the whole day in this beautiful area. We are very sorry that in preparation to this trip we didn't come across any advice to do that, so we are writing this review to alert the future visitors to this great place. Try to plan more than 1 full day for Hampi explorations, plan to spend a significant time to wonder on river banks, and prepare well in advance. Our guide P. Hussein together with 6 other guides run a website http://www.hampi7guides.com with a lot of useful information about the area.

- Yakov Eliashberg

Hiring a guide in Hampi

Thanks a lot for the tip!! This guide was indeed very good! He took us around Hampi ruins for 2 days this December. Very knowledgeable and passionate about his job, he provided us with lots of interesting information about all aspects of Indian culture and made Hampi ruins alive for us during the tour. He was also very attentive towards my aged parents, doing his outmost to adapt to their needs and pace. Very good photographer and we owe him some of the best shots of our holiday. Fair price and top quality service... A must-try! Mail address: guidehussen@gmail.com

- A.Toniutti

World class site and monuments

I spent one and a half days visiting the site, spending in total 10-11 hours. The exceptional quality is due to the combination of a beautiful rough site with huge rock parties and a river, 4-5 exceptional and well preserved monuments, and an enormous number of stuctures some excavations, some in ruins but that together give an idea how vast this capital has been. Part of the excellence of the visit was because of the guide Hussain, although a muslim he spoke with knowledge and enthusiasm about the monuments and detailed the many scenes in the temple decorations. Worth to take the plane to Hubli..

- Jos V